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Hi, I'm Isabel.
I'm a UX Designer based in New York City.

I'm also a seasoned journalist with four years of experience in capturing compelling stories and understanding human perspectives. My unique background allows me to blend empathy, research, and creativity to create holistic design solutions that fit seamlessly into users' lives.


Before pursuing my UXUI Design certification at Columbia, I was the assistant editor of the Lifestyle channel at Forbes, where I managed some 300 freelancers, produced iconic lists like 30 Under 30 and edited the magazine's Buy, Hold, Sell column—in addition to producing newsletters and designing landing pages.

My love for capturing the human experience —from the off-beat to the on-trend—has led me from Anna Delvey's apartment to New York Fashion Week, from a UFOlogist's home base to a UK atelier. I've worn many hats, including (but not limited to): photo editor; copy editor; social media editor; sales assistant; personal assistant; stylist; co-producer; assistant manager of accounts and sales; and intern, more than a few times.

On good days, I co-host a podcast and co-author a delightful newsletter that dissect the relationship between sex and fashion. I also design peace-promoting t-shirts with my mom, practice my film photography skills and build a database of my favorite small businesses. Find me in the candy aisle.

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