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Hi, Isabel here.


Welcome to my portfolio. Sorry if it gives you a headache. I got carried away. A little bit about me and my work: 


I'm the assistant editor of the lifestyle channel at Forbes, the editor of Forbes Magazine's Buy, Hold, Sell column and a podcaster, and award-winning photojournalist


My love for everything off-beat and on-trend has led me from a UFOlogist's apartment to a J.Crew store, from a Boston tattoo parlor to New York Fashion Week. I've worn many hats, including (but not limited to): photo editor; copy editor; social media editor; podcaster; sales assistant; personal assistant; stylist; co-producer; assistant manager of accounts and sales; and intern, more than a few times.

On the weekends, I co-host a podcast and co-author a delightful newsletter that dissect the relationship between sex and fashion. I also design peace-promoting t-shirts with my mom, build a database of my favorite small businesses, and eat lots of dark chocolate.

Originally from Boston, MA, I have called zip codes 10014, 60647, and 20057 home. Email me/slide into my DMs if you want to chat—I'd love to.

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